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Parents and citizens association

A parents and citizens association (P&C) is a school-based organisation with membership open to parents, teachers, students and interested citizens. 

P&C associations are established to promote the interests of the school and its students.

What a P&C really does

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Parents who cringe at the very mention of the term ‘P&C' may have never been to a meeting. Find out what your P&C really does.

Most schools have a parent representative body, commonly called parents and citizens association (P&C) in state schools.  The P&C is the voice of the parents. It's at P&C meetings that decisions affecting your child at school are made.

P&C meetings are usually held once a month. Any parent or guardian can attend.

P&C associations are a great way to:

  • get the inside story on what's really happening in the school. The principal is usually available to answer questions and teachers sometimes attend too
  • influence school policy
  • have a say in the development of school activities such as excursions, camps and curriculum
  • guide school management in its financial planning by helping prioritise the resource wish-list
  • contribute to the school's resources through various fundraising projects
  • meet other parents.

Schools have their own budgets but invariably they need more than the budget allows.

That's where the P&C becomes a really valuable partner.  P&Cs often run or manage services like tuckshops (or canteens), uniform shops or after school care/vacation care.

Some school P&Cs have special interest sub-committees that focus on, for example, a sport or the music program or the school grounds.

Fundraising is an exciting way in which to help your school get much-wanted additional resources from extra library books to a shade cloth over a play area, new tuckshop kitchen; even a new swimming pool.

P&C fundraising can take many forms from product drives to special event stalls (Mothers' Day or Fathers' Day) and social events for students (school discos), parents (casino nights or wine tastings) and families (trivia nights and BBQs). P&Cs are also the driving force behind big community events like fetes or carnivals.

All money raised by a P&C must be used for the benefit of the school.

But as a P&C member, you get to vote on how funds are used and ultimately, that can only benefit your child too.

Download the P&C Fact Sheet (PDF 97KB) for more information.